AspEmail Premium Features

  • SendToQueue method and Queue property - place a message in a message queue to be retrieved and sent out by the EmailAgent Windows service.
  • AddEmbeddedImage method - specifies an image to be embedded into a message body.
  • AppendBodyFromFile method - reads the message body from a file.
  • ContentTransferEncoding property - specifies the Content-Transfer-Encoding MIME header for the message body. If you set this property to "quoted-printable" AspEmail will automatically convert the message body to the Quoted-Printable format which enables you to send messages in non-US ASCII alphabets.
  • AltBody property - specifies an alternative text version of the message body to support email clients that are not HTML-enabled.
  • CharSet property - specifies the charset component of the Content-Type MIME header. Useful when sending messages in non-US ASCII alphabets.
  • Username and Password properties - specify user credentials to be used for AUTH LOGIN authentication against the SMTP server.
  • SendToNewsgroup - sends a message (article) to a newsgroup using the NNTP protocol.
  • TLS - enables the Transport Layer Security protocol to send messages via a secure channel (new in version 5.1).