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Persits Software, Inc. also offers these quality components:
AspUpload - allows your web application to capture, save and process files uploaded with a browser. AspUpload's unsurpassed feature set, remarkable robustness and affordable pricing made this component the upload solution of choice for tens of thousands of companies all over the world.

AspJpeg - creates high-quality thumbnails on the fly. Supports JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, WEBP and PNG formats. Enables drawing and typing on images. Provides a wide range of image manipulation operations, such as text drawing, logo stamping, CMYK-to-RGB conversion, GIF output, and much more. A native .NET version (AspJpeg.NET) is also available.

AspPDF - creates, reads and modifies PDF documents on the fly. Features include 128-bit security, foreign-language support, images, tables, forms, digital signatures, barcodes, content extraction, document stitching, HTML-to-PDF conversion.

AspPDF.NET - the native .NET version of AspPDF.

AspEncrypt - a cryptographic component which enables AspUpload to encrypt uploaded files. Also provides file encryption, one-way hashing, digital signing, secure mail and certificate management functionality.

AspGrid - a server-side data-bound grid control with in-place editing. With this powerful component you can put together a read/write grid interface to an arbitrary database table in as little as 3 lines of ASP code.

AspUser - a comprehensive Windows NT user account and permission management component which comes with a fully functional ASP-based User Manager application. Home Page Copyright © 1998 - 2019 Persits Software, Inc.
All Rights Reserved
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